DUMPED a film by Elinor Burkett and Errol Webber Zimbabwe  
  a film by Elinor Burkett & Errol Webber  




As the garbage of a wasteful world overflows landfills across our planet, an unlikely community of artisans squatting at a Zimbabwean dump in transforms the city’s trash into their futures. Culling materials from a mountain spawned of the detritus of 250,000 households, sandal makers stitch together worn leather scraps, sculptors cast statues from melted grocery bags, and tinsmiths pound bowls from the doors of dead Fords. Five years ago, they survived a violent attempt by their government to demolish the community; now they face destruction from the seeming benevolent plans of European public health experts to clean up the country’s landfills in the wake of the 2009 cholera epidemic.